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Our vision.


Optimizing the proven and bringing innovations into series production.

The production of perfect products is our claim. This claim from the customer is to be fulfilled at maximum.

Quality is a factor that creates security and confidence for customers. We as a Thuringian company carry quality as a guiding principle in our DNA.


Quality is and remains in this country and in the world a significant differentiating feature. Quality is an indispensable success factor for GERMINA so that it will continue to enjoy a leading and appreciated position in the future.

Among the basic virtues and values of the production of sporting goods include diligence, motivation, reliability and conscientiousness. Small business and family businesses are traditional virtues. “Made in Germany”.


What made us strong should not be neglected. However, we must evolve more dynamically to stay fit for the future. The key to long-term success through quality is a healthy mix of traditional virtues and those of the future. Speed, networking, communication skills and intercultural competence.


It also means that we maintain our passion for perfection. The claim to be the best has to be revived on many levels. Too much of what used to be worked hard is taken for granted today. To continuously improve, to innovate constantly and to react quickly and flexibly to change: We must stay hungry and pass on this hunger to future generations.

Our philosophy.


GERMINA is a German sports equipment manufacturer with tradition and a trademark for sports goods of the highest quality. For decades we have been a reliable supplier for leisure and professional athletes. Whether winter or summer sports products: best quality and the satisfaction of our customers are our claim.

Thanks to our continuously innovative and forward-looking corporate policy, we present ourselves as one of the top companies for sporting goods in the popular and professional sports sector. With the development of new products, we are present on the market all year round. Being able to develop and produce our own products, we are innovative, competitive and always able to respond to the changing needs of the market.


Our goal is to bring people closer to the sport through quality and to preserve it. With the use of innovative technologies and high-quality materials as well as regular quality controls we underline this claim and thus our trademark MADE IN GERMINA.