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high quality sport equipment

In the tradition of a long-standing tradition, GERMINA is today, as then, the only German cross-country ski brand for quality and innovation.

Over 50 years of experience and passion for the sport combined with state-of-the-art production technology ensure progress.

Both summer and winter products are developed and manufactured, because the Nordic Sport is a year-round sport.

The proximity to elite sport, modern ski hall and the cooperation with research institutions and universities set standards and delight our customers.

Today, as then, our skis glide through the trails of the world and are driven with pride. As early as 1966, the journey started with the first mention of the Germina brand.

At that time as well as today Nordic Sport was in focus and at peak times 500,000 pairs of skis were produced annually. Thanks to numerous innovations, the success did not remain and athletes such as Helmut Recknagel, Hans-Georg Aschenberg and Jens Weißflog from special jumping, numerous top athletes from the Nordic Combined such as Marko Baacke and Sebastian Haseney but also top athletes in biathlon as Frank Ullrich, Frank Luck, Mark Kirchner and Peter Sendel were on our skis.

More than 30 Olympic and World Championship titles as well as numerous national successes in the individual disciplines could be brought in on the skis from the green heart of Germany.